dfx - local directory browser


dfx is simple file manager. running on X11 + Athena Widgets.

I confirmed to run with Linux + X11. from report, it can running with FreeBSD + X11.

Screen shots

Single frame

Single frame

Many frames

1,2 and 3 framesSplit horizontal, and vertical.

Registered command

registererd commandschoose a command from list to execute.

Registered directory

registererd directorieschoose a directory from list to change directory.

Incremental search

incremantal searchyou can move cursor with incremental search.

Switching buffer

switch bufferdfx has many buffers and switch it.

Show / Hide dot files

show hide dot filesToggle showing dot files.


distributed binary links to libXaw.so.7. if you don't have libXaw.so.7, update X11 or build from source.

How to build

If you use system iconv is not included in standard library, you have to link libiconv. For exsample, FreeBSD, Cygwin.

Add '-liconv' to the line of LOCAL_LIBRARIES. If you modefied Imakefile, execute xmkf to re-make the Makefile and execute make.

LOCAL_LIBRARIES = -lXaw -lXt -lX11 -lpthread
LOCAL_LIBRARIES = -lXaw -lXt -lX11 -lpthread -liconv


Can started


How to install

from source files

  1. tar xfj dfx*-src.tar.bz2
  2. xmkmf
  3. make

from binary tar-ball.

  1. tar xfj dfx*.tar.bz2
  2. copy it.